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WHO WE ARE:         Rick Bowers    Nora Bowers

Nora & Rick Bowers are professional wildlife and nature photographers.   Together they have more than 42 years of photography experience.

Rick Bowers has been photographing wildlife for more than 35 years.   He received a BS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Arizona. Before turning to professional photography, he led nature tours for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours and his own tour company.   Rick led tours to many destinations from Alaska and Siberia to Antarctica and photographed in all of these exotic locations.

Nora Bowers received a BS and MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from The University of Arizona in Tucson. After many years of nursing she turned to her true passion full time - nature and photographing it!


Bowers Photo provides high quality wildlife and nature photos, as well as images of people enjoying nature, for anyone using photographs. We provide rapid, professional, personalized service for all your nature photo needs. See the Bowers Photo File page for availability information. Fees are often negotiable.  We are also available for assignments.

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