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This page allows you to download a two page supplement to the KAUFMAN FOCUS GUIDE: BUTTERFLIES OF NORTH AMERICA. It includes five species that had never occurred or had only occurred once when the book went to press in fall 2002. The fabulous fall of 2003 in the lower Rio Grande Valley saw an influx of these species.

Please realize that the quality and color of this download will not match the book. The quality of the print will vary depending on the quality of your printer. This is an interim measure to keep the book as current as possible until the next revision of the book.

Please be patient, as the download for the high resolution file will take 3-5 minutes even with DSL. It will also take a minute or two for most printers to start printing.

This is a FREE update. It is not for sale anywhere. Nature Centers, etc. may print and give the supplement away at no charge.

After printing the supplement, cut it to the size indicated by the edges of color and black lines along the edge. Fold down the center and place in your copy of the guide. You can glue (with a glue stick) the supplement to the last page of the book or the back cover to keep it in place.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to print this supplement.  

You can download a FREE copy of the Acrobat Reader software here:

Two options for downloading are available depending on your internet connection speed:

      1.   A smaller, lower resolution file for those with dial-up connections. The text is not quite as clear as the higher resolution file below.

          Download a smaller copy of the SUPPLEMENT by clicking here.     (2.36 MB file)      

      2.    A larger, higher resolution copy for those with high speed internet access (DSL, T1, etc.).

          Download a larger copy of the SUPPLEMENT by clicking here.     (5.86 MB file)      


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